Artist/Author Profile: Miranda Roberts


“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” Cloud Atlas
I have long held a book in my heart and in 2017 I finally began working on
Moyo’s Journey”.
My creative background includes several years studying Fine Art, particularly the Graphic Processes, at University. I have focused on silk painting for over 20 years now. A huge influence on my painting is my South African childhood and my world travels. In the last few years I have hiked on all of the world’s continents apart from Antarctica and my subject matter has been greatly affected by the colors and sights I have enjoyed.

Reflecting back on the last year and a half as a color, while working on the book and the subsequent collection that developed, I recall it being a vivid kaleidoscope filled with brightness. Obviously a lot of this was due to the art I was creating, but a great deal of it was thanks to my family, friends and travel adventures. All of these are interdependent like the patterns in the glass of that kaleidoscope and continue to shape and influence each other daily.

Moyo’s Journey”, the book, is now available for purchase in the US!
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