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Thank you for your interest in “Moyo’s Journey”. I created this as a picture book for ALL ages – I hope your friends and family will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Some fan comments:

“Moyo is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL book EVER!! The art is just stunning! Thank you for thinking of me when you read this book! Mystical Magic!!! ”

“There needs to be a second book!!! Friends of mine (one is from Australia) loved Moyo’s Journey!!!!! They went on and on about the beautiful illustrations, the story resonated with both adults and their two daughters (who are 10 & 12 years old) and the explanations of the different color themes in the back being awesome. Oh, and I absolutely enjoyed it too!”

“Looking at your colorful art makes me smile. I’m grinning from ear to ear at the moment.”

“I will need 5 more copies… I have a friend who is heading back home to Nigeria. I would like to donate to an orphanage in support of what they do in making this world a better place.”

“This book is SO special. I had been debating on how I want to finish my last day with my senior class this year and I decided what better way to send them off on their new journey than read them this amazing book about the wonders and lessons Moyo discovers through her travels and life. You are an inspiration.”

“Wow! Incredibly amazing. You inspire me to go after my dream so to achieve more. Thanks for sharing Moyo with the world! “

“We adore the book.”

“Just received the book “Moyo’s Journey” in the mail yesterday. Loved it”

“Gorgeous colorful illustrations and the story line is wonderful.”

“Thank you so much for sending a copy of “Moyo’s Journey” to us! The kids don’t want to put it down! We’re looking forward to reading this many times!”

“Highly recommend for all ages.”

“I read the book last night and realized it is so appropriate  for adults as well. I need to order a few more, Miranda.”

“Gorgeous illustrations and story. We love it.”

“We have just spent a very happy time reading and pouring over Moyo.”

“It is an amazing book – both the text and the glorious illustrations.”

“It would make a wonderful book for an adult to receive for a special occasion, as well as an insightful book for younger people, OR for very young people to be read to by an involved adult.”

“Congrats on ‘The Book’. It looks great!”