Gifts from me to you: free coloring page downloads

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Here are some free downloadable coloring pages – gifts from me to you! I’d love to see photos of what you create! Follow the rainbow. And if you head on over to my Audio and Video page, you will find a free downloadable audio version of Moyo’s Journey to listen to while you color!

So…. I know a lot of my little friends and fam (AND their bigs) are finding this whole social distancing thing quite challenging, and are on the look out for things to keep them occupied. I’ve been working on free downloadable coloring pages for a while now – for littles and bigs – and today I invited my nephews to send me their requests. The first Creature Feature is a double post – George’s Dassie and Finn’s Hotdog-Warthog. Print them out and brighten them up. Oh and don’t forget to send me a photo of you with the finished work, so I can post it on Facebook!

#1: George’s Dassie
#2: Finn’s Hotdog-Warthog
#3: Theo’s Red Panda
#4: Milo’s Leopard
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